The Transformational Power of Genomics

Helping solve humanity’s biggest problems to provide hope for humankind

Genomics is one of the most transformational forces of our time, creating a path toward personalized insights that inspire hope for people around the world.

The genomic revolution is powered by genome sequencing technology that reads DNA and unlocks the mysteries hidden inside every living thing – including us. The information contained within DNA is helping solve some of humankind’s most challenging problems – from diagnosing rare diseases to sustainable farming and food security.

Genomics for Good is focused on educating people about the powerful benefits of genomics. We encourage you to explore the genomic resources within to learn about this technology and how it will redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

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Every Diagnosis Matters

Every Diagnosis Matters

Families facing rare disease often spend years pinpointing the problem in solitude – until now

We are on the brink of a breakthrough and there is new hope for families facing rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases. The value of a definitive diagnosis stops the guessing, grows our understanding and fuels hope for the future. And, with a diagnosis comes the opportunity to connect with other families who share similar stories.

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DNA Decoded

DNA Decoded

This free online platform provides digital resources and classroom curricula for teachers, enabling educators to support genomic education in K-12 classrooms so that kids can see genomics in their everyday lives.

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